Monday, April 04, 2005

Lazy days in the Sloan Street household

Don´t actually have anything to say... So I probably should just go away and not say anything ;-P Life here´s pretty laid back these days, we´re right smack in the middle of the easter holidays, lounging about, the kids building things with their lego and us reading and supposedly studying. I have two presentations to give as soon as I return to school, one on the aforementioned Latrinalia subject and one on buffy studies and online communities. Halldór on the other hand is busy aquainting himself with a new renderer for his 3d Studio MAx ;-)Locked away in his closet. For those of you not aquainted with our flat here, his desk is in a weird little closet-like room off the living room, approx 1.2 metres each way and with a door that once closed from the outside cannot be opened from the inside ;-) devils horns here...

The weather here has been amazing, spring´s been here for a while and today we´re basking in a somewhat cloudy and humid 16 degrees celsius !!!! Compare that to the snow still in Iceland and well, we´re not returning !!!! ever :-D
Went for a nice family walk yesterday, walked along Leith walk and over to the waterway and down to the sea :-D Pretty nice :-D Lunch in Oceans terminal, then a good stop at a playground where we read our new books whilst the kids tried hard to kill each other ;-P

Love how one can actually afford going for walks, getting lunch at a seaside pub, buy two books, ice cream and generally just afford to live :-D Also have to admit to liking this whole student thing, as Soffía mentioned it´s really nice to be have holidays at the same times as the kids and to be able to meet up on weekdays for lunch or whatever when the kids are at school and we don´t have classes ;-)
Indeed a lazy life :-D (well apart from all the essays, presentations and projects ;-P )


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