Tuesday, February 18, 2003

But my obsession has mostly been a lonely one. My smart chick friends will analyze every fragment of "The Bachelorette" with me, but "Buffy" ? No way. By the time my brother gets halfway through reading this column -- if he gets that far -- he'll be composing an e-mail mocking my passion for "BTVS." Even my hip little niece, now 20, dismisses "Buffy" as stupid. The general public seemed to agree with this consensus : Because the show lacked strong ratings and was so expensive to produce, the WB dumped it a couple of years ago, and the network that picked it up, UPN, is the TJ Maxx of television.

So if "BTVS" goes off the air, as predicted, I'll face two voids this spring. Not only will I be deprived of fresh episodes of the show, but I'll also miss my appointments with this strange little community of like-minded freaks I've stumbled into. I'll miss the faceless gang of Buffy worshippers burning up the Internet

góð tilvitnun af Buffy.nu .. ;-) There are more of us....


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