Thursday, February 27, 2003

Looking forward to the weekend. I´m popping off to Akureyri..the second largest "city" in Iceland (I think it´s home to about ten thousand people ;-) take part in a computer-usage-in-schools convention. It´s going to be fun :-) As luck would have it Jón Kjartan is playing there this weekend so we´ll be able to hang out and I´ll be able to get into at least one place free ;-Þ...That´s one thing I don´t like about living here, the lack of opportunities, i.e. I can´t go to evening courses, I can´t attend lectures by visiting scholars and I can´t further my studies. This is the part where my father exclaims. "but you still haven´t finished your Ba thesis".. well, but it´s not easy when one is working more than full time, has two kids to take care of by oneself and hasn´t got access to a proper library :/


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