Saturday, March 15, 2003

Big smile :-) So who says good deeds go unrewarded..? The other day a guy from my computer class for farmers phoned up and asked if I would have a look at his coworkers computer seeing as the little guy had dissappeared. Little guy ? I wondered and found out to my amasement that they meant my hated enemy that office assistant. Well not only was the guy missing but the lady had somehow deleted all microsoft pograms... So I took the kids over to the ...well it´s the house next door and it´s a home for mentally and physically handicapped, do I took the kids over with me and spent about an hour fixing things to the best of my capabilities, well to make this already long story short, the lady just returned from her home country of Germany and handed me a great big box of Lindt finest pralines (Pralines, Belgian filled chocolates) :D seeing as the kids are away I´m looking forward to a very nice weekend with Pralines, beer, tv and plenty of sleep :-) ahh how priorities change with old age ;-Þ


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