Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Came across an article that discusses censorship on the internet and the ways to circumvent those censorships.

Makes one wonder.

Here in Iceland the state monopolizes all alcohol vending. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited for anyone younger than twenty, ahh my mistake, actually it is more like the selling of alcohol to those younger than twenty is punishable by law but the police do not interfere with youngsters drinking alcohol as long as they’re not making a public nuisance of themselves.

Seeing as one comes of age here in Iceland at the age of 18, it would seem logical to transfer the alcohol law over to 18 rather than stick with the old leftovers from the prohibition..? thoughts ?

Regarding prohibition...
fact : Drugs are illegal
fact : drugs exist and can be purchased by just about anyone
Is the state supposed to have sense for us or are we supposed to take responsibility for ourselves ?
I admit I am of two minds, I’m very anti drugs and in a way I agree with the state
that having the substances illegal, makes it easier for people to draw the line.

But alcohol ruins families, kills people and drives people to crime..?

Do I want them to ban alcohol and condemn it as an illegal substance.. no...

After this monologue I’ve confirmed that I have not made any sense nor have I come close to making any kind of conclusion :-)

Is the state supposed to look after us by for instance censoring web pages, banning drugs and overseeing the selling of alcohol, or are we expected to look after ourselves and as educated "grownups" (big emphasis on grownups) make our own desicions regarding our health and live? Possibly therefore becoming a burden on society if we were to choose the drug way?


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