Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Found a nice page on folkloristic journals, made me start thinking about getting my folklore page up and running again... I´ve actually put in a lot of work I just need to refine the page and decide upon a language !! as it is it wavers between Icelandic and English quite ungraciously and completely pointlessly. Terrys link page is all very good aside from the horrid layout, the colour combination and the many impartant links missing from the list. Terry if you´re reading this then sorry, as you would put it when going over one of my essays ;-) "the object is good, research is very good, might have given yourself more time to work on the layout, but all in all a pretty good page ;-) Never mind, I think I´m off to watch the importance of being Earnest ;-) Give us a holler ...only had one person send me their thoughts ;-) Cheers.


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