Monday, March 24, 2003

Having troubles aligning and downloading here on Blogger :-/ Otherwise all is as usual, Ragnar no longer has high temperatures but following Murphys law Elena is now around 39 centigrades ;-) cest la vite...At least they´re both very easy to take care of when they´re ill, no hassle at all really ! :-D My only problem is work, because seeing as I´m alone with them there´s no one else to share homestaying duties with me :-/ Thankfully I live in a small community and my employers have up until now shown me a great deal of patience :-) I´m so looking forward to getting back to work as well, the school just had a completely new set of computers installed and I´m dying to experience the opportunity to teach a whole information technology class where everyone has a computer that works fully :-) It takes little to make little minds happy ;-)


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