Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I haven’t written anything of consequence for a couple of days now, been kind of busy feeling pessimistic, overwhelmed and generally just plain sorry for myself ;-) But enough of that, as the alcoholics say, only one thing at a time, focus upon one thing don’t try to encompass everything so..;-) Scotland here I come !!! It just So happens that the school, along with the other elementary schools in the district is planning an “educational” trip to Scotland in June J We just got the reply from the funding committee and we’re off !! Nearly all of the flight costs as well as the hotel costs will be covered for us !! Of course never being one to settle for the smaller packet, my plan is to stay on in the UK and travel around, using this opportunity to meet up with both old and new friends. Amazingly enough I actually have a few friends who wouldn’t object to me coming to stay ;-) even though they haven’t seen me in years. (Little do they remember of me muhaahahhha úps sorry I was going to quit doing that wasn’t I? )
Friends are a pretty good invention aren’t they ;-) I’m really looking forward to this !! So now the plan is edinburgh, Manchester, Clywd, Sheffield, London and Dover. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I need to see? I’ve never been to the Scottish highlands, nor have I seen Loch Ness. Apparently there’s a haunted castle in Clywd that sounds interesting and according to dad there are loads of trains I need to see ;-) There just so happens to be a Buffy convention on in London on the 21st :-/ and I admit that I am of two minds regarding that. Would be fun to try, at least once, but is it worth the expenditure? Ponder Ponder…at least one thing is clear, and that is that on the 27th I’ll be in Sheffield attending the universities open day ! More to come later ;-)


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