Thursday, March 13, 2003

I love these,not solely for the content which incidentally brings a grin to me face as well as a chuckle, but for the folkloristic value of it. Those who know me..well at all.. know that I have been forever literally trying to finish my Ba thesis. My main problem has been that after a while I tire of my topic and start all over again instead of finishing what I´d already started. The one I´ve been writing now for little over two years :-( bleh... is, incidentally, about jokes. I´ve been concentrating on the picture jokes and cartoons that floated on the web for approx a year after the eleventh of September. What struck me as the most intresting point is the way the media is as much in the spotlight as the evil doers. The media, or rather the overwhelming amounts of ads and stuff seem to define boundaries, i.e. those of us that watch the same ad, know the same programs and listen to the same music are in group A and then there are the others....The fact that the media milk us for every ounce of emotion when it comes to big catastrophies like the abovementioned, until we become desensitised, is aggravating although it seems unavoidable.... o.k. I´ve started wandering, no wonder it´s nearly 12 and I´ve been up since 6 working all day ;-) So to finish my ramblings, the picture below is intresting mainly for the way it makes as much if not more fun of the irritating as hell microsoft assistant than it does of President Bush. Not to mention that the joke also assumes that everyone watching the joke knows the program, knows the political situation and can patch it together. So tell me..! Is this a web geek thing, and I´m just too much of a web geek to see that or is it a sign of a communal group, sharing similar experiences although possibly residing in completely different parts of the world. Is this an indication of a new society where not everyone in the same local area are particioners but everyone who share the web? Goodnight to you all :-) (presumptious of me thinking there will be anyone reading this ;-)


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