Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I´m finally convinced ;-) I do indeed have superpowers, no more no less !!!! Between 3 and 6 today I taught a computer class for grown up farmers, supervised the school paper committee whilst phoning out for sponsors, looked after Ragnar my son, saw to restocking the art department at school and assisted a couple of my english evening class students with their translations.. ;-) I´m amazing....and oh so very modest ;-) So after walking to the store (the car is OF COURSE not functioning) and picking up Elena from the babysitter I can relax at home :-) Nothing left to do now but make the traditional bean soup and salted meat which is compulsuory today (a kind of carneval thing from heathen days), sew a prince costume for Ragnar Christian (tomorrow all the kids will go out in fancy costumes singing for sweets) and collect/print loads of carnevale pictures from around the world to use in a theme based project for the 5th 6th and the 7th grade :-) And the sleep, fine sleep ZZzzzzzzzzzz


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