Saturday, March 01, 2003

Intresting ... ? I´ve written two blogs in the past day or so but neither one has shown up..oh well :-) Here I am at the annual information technology in schools conference and enjoying myself immensely :-) Yesterday whilst at a lecture introducing a web that focuses on teaching icelandic art and artists to youngsters I actually got offered a job ;-) Well not quite but apparently the national museum is setting up a web crawl for youngsters and hey..guess what I´m a computer geek as well as a folklorist (well very nearly a folklorist ;-) So I´m planning to get in touch with them after the weekend, would be a great job to have alongside school :-) As I see it I´m on the computer every night might as well get paid for it :-) As I said the conference is fun :-) I love meeting loads of intresting new people and asking qustions at seminar and stalls as if I actually know what I´m talking about. Went out partying last night ...of course, one HAS to use the opportunity whilst staying the the second largest city in Iceland, right ;-) ?? Buff was playing at Cafe Akureyri, and theyre always good fun (ok dirty fun ;Þ ) and the Jón Kjartan and the Úlfar (wolfes) were playing at the Græni hatturinn. Came home at about four thirty only slightly more than inebriated....feeling the slight side effects today ;-) well I´ve got to be off, attending a lecture on :/ am told it´s intresting...admittingly from an unreliable source...the lecturer himself whilst out drinking last night..the poor sod was in a great deal of pain..earler that day he´d dropped a washingmaschine on his big toe on his right foot ;-) awwww feeling very sympathetic....


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