Monday, March 03, 2003

Ok..the weekend is now at it´s end. There has been learning, partying as well as new friendmaking. All in all a very good weekend :-) As always seeing as I´m so easily influenced, I´m now considering a new venue of studies. Up until now the plan has been to apply to the university for admittance into the teaching unit. That being only one year I was then fantazising about going to England, Sheffield to be precice, and taking Japanese studies in conjunction with folkloristics, cumulating with a Ma. Thus enabling me to pursue the fantasy of university teaching..of course after having taught for some time in a high school first. At the conference however, I heard of a diploma course in computer studies/graphical design yummy, something I´ve always wanted to study, not to mention that it´s being taught up the street ;-) across the street from Ragnars elementary school and in plain view of the playschool I´m trying to get Elena into. Downside being, 1. I don´t know if it´s seen as worth giving out student loans to those who study it. 2. it´s a change of track, I wouldn´t be so much furthering my studies as I would be side tracking along a road that has enticed me for years now. Humm it´s a complicated life, far to many choices ;-) but still I wouldn´t have it any other way !! By the by sorry about all the debugging stuff going on...having an awful time trying to ingratate a new shout out system , :Þ should have left it as it was..I know


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