Thursday, March 06, 2003

Sheen Faces Firing Over War Stance

imageHollywood star Martin Sheen is facing getting fired from his role as President Jed Bartlett in TV hit The West Wing - because of his outspoken views on war. The Apocalypse Now actor has been the most vocal of a growing number of celebrity names strongly opposed to conflict with Iraq. He has addressed rallies and spearheaded last week's "virtual match" in Washington DC, where legislators were bombarded with a million emails, telephone calls and faxes from protesters. But Sheen's strong political views are causing problems for West Wing bosses at NBC, who fear they face a boycott from advertisers. The actor claims NBC executives have told him his high profile could damage the show and called on him to explain his views. Meanwhile, Sheen and other stars among the anti-war lobby are also facing a public backlash because of their controversial standpoint. While the actor confesses he has received thousands of hate emails, been accused of being a traitor and accosted in the street, an internet organization has been founded to counter the anti-war movement. A message on the Citizens Against Celebrity Pundits declares itself a voice for, "American citizens who stand against wealthy Hollywood celebrities abusing their status to speak for us." It adds, "We believe that celebrities Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Tim Robbins, Rob Reiner, Barbra Streisand and others with them are using their celebrity to interfere with the defense of our country."


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