Friday, March 14, 2003

Sorry, no real posts from me today, have been to busy with creating or rather destroying Svavas Blog page ;-) She didn´t know what she was letting her self in for when she asked for my help , muhahahahaaa (o.k. I know that´s getting a bit tired). Bjarni picked the kids up from school today, which made a nice chenge. This will be their first meeting with their father this year :-( It´s dissappointing how little time or attention he gives them, he blames work but still... oh well no use feeling sorry for his loss, which is precicely what it is. The only thing I lament is the affect it has on the children, Ragnar was "quitecontrary" this morning, nothing was right and he ended up having a crying fit, not at all like his usual charmin morning persona :-( It´s not at all that they fear going to him or anything like that, it´s just over excitement as well as tension derived from previous broken promices. And face it, if they don´t meet him more often than for a weekend every other month..,.,., what the hell, can´t be bothered dwelling on it :-) We´re on to newer and happier places ;-) Have a look at the new blog link to the left, Nicks blog, I found it hillarious I hope he cheeres u up after this blah blog ;-) luv Gunnella


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