Saturday, March 08, 2003

Went to the troubador evening last night :-) Difficult getting a babysitter seeing as almost all teenagers in the village were away at the Samfés disco ;-) Had some parents bemoaning the good old days, before discos away in Reykjavík (the big evil capital) and before "daddy will you buy me some condoms" :-) Funny listening to the two o’clock at night moanings of a drunk father :Þ Had a great time, the troubadours were local people and as could be expected differed in their talent for singing, playing and instrument and/or remembering texts ;-) well one can’t have everything ... There was definitely some talent about, the most surprising one an older gentleman named Baldur who turned out to be an amazing singer....!! He even remembered his texts ;-) sorry .. the one before him, had a great voice as well as an excellent stage presence but alas.... no idea as to what it was he was singing, or rather what it was he "was supposed to be" singing. One band really surpriced me, three kids, well young men ;-) took to the stage and had, presence, voice, talent and...they remembered their texts !! All in all an excellent evening, not too much beer drunken (by me that is), some dancing done, some good music auded as well some horrible attempts at making music auded. Then a good long walk home .. Blönduós is really funny in the way it is designed, on each side of the river there are town centres, but to reach the other one has to go pretty far up river to cross the bridge :-( making a short distance a very long walk. But I kept myself company by singing loads of old Eurovision songs "loudly" and enjoying myself thoroughly :-D. My poor babysitters were more asleep than awake when I returned :-/ but oh so sweet about it :-) Hey they watched (in my computer) loads of Buffy episodes and other things that won’t reach Iceland in next couple of years! Oh well, now I’ve got to go, got to learn how adobe page maker works in one day, in order to set up the school magazine tomorrow..! I know I know I am indeed the Queen of procrastinators ! I take my bow and accept the honour as well as the consequences... It’s a way of life ;-) Ciao for now.


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