Sunday, April 13, 2003

Easter holidays are here !!

Well, at long long long last the Easter holidays have started :-) the greatest thing about being a teacher are the vacations !! ;-) The weather here has been excellent, went outside and sunbathed for a couple of hours earlier today and the kids have been running around, chasing the guinea pig and making tents in the backyard. The neighbours sheep came for a short visit, they’d obviously been let out due to the good weather but alas mending the fences is a spring job and spring isn’t, technically, here yet. For those of you that don’t know Iceland, a small weather description: the weather in Iceland is changeable to say the least, when you hear funny stories how people go outside wearing snowsuits in the sleet storm and come back sunburnt well they’re true ! One can expect any kind of weather at any time, especially in spring and autumn. The day before yesterday I walked to the pharmacy in sunny warm weather, returning to school there were occasional hails falling down from the clear sky and 40 minutes later after I’d taught one lesson, there was a snowstorm outside, the kind where one can’t see ones own hands. 

The sungod, chapter three ;-)

My scribblings about the aforementioned Sungod have apparently attracted attentions so.. I feel the need to post a follow up. Yes I managed, I went and found me another sungod, a real cowboy... a naked cowboy no less! Going through his site is intriguing, he has his own cartoon series, a naked cowgirl girlfriend, and it seems he makes his living from prancing around the streets of New York wearing but his underpants playing his guitar. But he definitely has the requisite long blond hair and ooses self esteem ;-) his page even has a "how to" section where you can learn the naked cowboys fitness secrets !! So if he´s the one to get you hot, by all means prance by his souveneer shop and you could even buy a pair of knickers just like his... imagine that ;-Þ

Jackass versus Icelandic beauty queens :-/

The asses of Jackass fame were on Icelandic tv last night, they were placed on a dating show of all shows, each competing for the attentions of many aspiring miss Icelands.  As you may have noticed I like weird stuff and funny people, not to mention bizarre circumstances and contradictions but these guys :-/ I just don´t get this ... and the kids are all raving about them !?! Jumping off bridges for adrenalin shots is all fine by me but self mutilation for tv audiences seems to me exploitation, the guys, to dumb to realise their situation or perhaps.. I don´t know but this reeks of sensless violence and I don´t want my kids to watch them... Mabe I´m just getting old .... who knows.... The beauty queens to be opted to not choose any of them but expressed their surprice at the fact that two of them (one being Steve-O) knew how many states there are in the U.S.

Know your geography??? ;-)

Now in order to give this blog some content of value ;-) Fun value of course!! I came accross this and realised I need to start rereading my African geography ;-) But I did ok on the middle asia part :-) Why don´t you have a go and tell me how it went.It is a part of a site for teachers who are looking for information or teaching material regarding the war. It seems pretty good and I for one saw some stuff there I´ll be using after easter.

Cheers, enjoy today because it´ll never happen again !!


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