Friday, April 25, 2003

Happy Summer

Today is the first day of summer according to Icelandic belief. It’s a day of celebration and as far back as the Vikings there are references to people feasting on this day.The custom of summer gifts are traced back to the sixteenth century and are therefore and older custom that Christmas presents ;-).The norm is that this day not be a work day although petrol stations and restaurants are open.The first references to summer day parades occur in the later half of the nineteenth century and are regarded as the norm today.
Folk belief tells us that if summer and winter freeze together the night before then the summer will be together.This one checks by putting a bowl of water on ones doorstep and then checks if the water has frozen during the night.Another, not so well spread belief, is that upon seeing the first moon of the summer one was to keep quit until addressed.The first phrase spoken to one then had a deeper meaning and could be read as an oracle.

Here in Blönduós the first day of summer is day of the school summer festival.Grades 1 through to 7 put on a show.This year I attended for the first time ;-) Of course I had to attend seeing as my young gentleman was performing The first grades sang the Abc song and a more serious set of youngster would be very hard to find ;-) They were so intent on behaving and singing properly that not one of them sprang a smile once ;-) But they were still oh so cute !

I know, I know, I´m suffering from too proud a mom syndrome big time ;-)
p.s. Ragnar is the one in the grey shirt at the front ;-)


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