Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Life..the strangest collection of random occurrences all strung together by an abstract thought referred to as time. Humm, as for my life right now, well I´m in a pretty good place in my own opinion. I´ve managed to build up a life for me and the kids sans the ex and although proper equilibrium still seems remarkably far away in some fantasy horizon I guess I shouldn´t set my short term goals on the unobtainable, grin ;-) Moving down south this summer, I´ve managed to hold my own here and this has been a good time, with plenty of reconstruction sprinkled with liberal dosages of artistic licence. I´m really looking forward to the trip this summer, although the realization that "summer" is only a month away, along with the advantages of procrastination kind of fills me with panic, or with strange heavy vomit like bug like feeling in my stomach ;-) Things that have to be done before then, humm let´s see, manage to pack all our belongings into magic boxes that possess the talent of reducing the mass of objects put therein...oh and try to sell as much furniture as possible...Anyone out there want to babysit a really beautiful antique, alas big, cupboard?? for mayhaps 3 years or so..? At least the baby furniture can all go not much chance of me using that in the near future ..humphh......methinks it is time for bed. Good night :-) Next chapter Take note Allison will have loads of links to japaneseYankee pages :-) big grin motorcycles, dango, flowing coats and America being brought to mind :-) I´ll leave you with that incoherent and unclear thought nighty night


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