Friday, April 18, 2003

�¡ Ms. Yoshiko Fukaya Office worker 23 years old. The white cream to the sweet smell which burns sponge, a canned peach. "-- ‚í‚ ‚·‚²‚¢ -- that it is " and "it being delicious" The young birth meeting of a day and a mother's handmade cake with a friend's particularly increasing cheer were Yoshiko's boast.
It will be that a younger brother is born and stopped having you make at the time of what years old. The cake became "what is bought in a store" and a certain long day and Mr. he were able to do. The color of a chestnut is bad and Mont Blanc made for the first time in the first St Valentine's Day and recipe one hand is a rather deplorable figure. He laughed it for her who is excited and waits as "nice." Yoshiko has noticed. It is fortunate to eat a cake. But it is more fortunate that it is said that it is delicious. It is because the cake of a birthday was [ the feeling with a fortunate mother ] stuck for the cake a lot to have smelled and such to have cut by carrying out. She who gathers the sales data of favorite sweets in Ezaki Glico realizes the dream to the cake "which makes everybody happy." Although the photography to which it was equal, without licking the strawberry and cream which are likely to touch a lip seemed to be torture. (Yuka Nishimoto)

Humm I wonder wether any of this text was translated using alta vistas language tool???? ;-)


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