Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Now for some more irreverent stuff ...
First of all, I understand smokers when they bemoan the good old days when they could smoke inside or go
outside every hour for at least five minutes for their smoking breaks (I remember because I felt it was unfair ;-) me sitting there and them working one sixth less than me ;-) But here´s the answer take a smoking break online ;-)
not joking just check it out !

On a different note.. I admit some minor shame in bad talking the Sungod himself ;-) Hence I´ve begun an indepth survey of the culture he inhabits and I realise I´ve been I was making fun of this guy when I see nothing wrong with Brendan Fraser, with long blondish hair, wearing only a loin cloth.. so I´m not really being true too myself.. :( or what do you think? However .... there´s always a however..Fabio, the sungod himself (hey just check the romance novelss covers;-) doesn´t quite do it for me and Ted
... well


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