Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Singing tv stars

Here we have an intresting link ;-) tv stars that insist on trying their hand at singing with the expected horrendous results, here you can experience the lovely voice of Leonard Nimoy (Dr Spock), Hulk Hogan, Jerry Springer and Kevin Spacey.  And to continue with my "sungod" theme here you can learn italian with Fabio himself ;-) (p.s. I got an e-mail from the naked cowboy, very polite ;-)

Then the proof that extraterrestials actually visited earth in the middle ages ;-) Painting of ufos !!!in 15th century european art.

I get a lot of spam. Around 50 ads a day most of which are moved to my spam folder so I can see what people are offering me. I just received one that said "Be like John Holmes" and it was an ad for viagra. Seeing that John Holmes died of AIDS years ago, isn't this one of the worst people they could have possibly come up with? And apart from that...why on earth would I want to
be like John Holmes seeing as I´m female (when last checked)


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