Monday, May 19, 2003

Hot news ;-P

imagePublicity-shy The Matrix Reloaded director Larry Wachowski left his wife of 15 years following an affair with a dominatrix. Larry, 37, appeared at the Cannes Festival premiere of Matrix Reloaded with 36-year-old blonde Karin Winslow last week. Wachowski - who writes and directs the hit movies with brother Andy Wachowski - is reported to have left his wife Thea after hiring Winslow's services, leaving her transsexual husband fuming. Jake Miller, estranged husband of Winslow, is now alleging in British newspaper The Mail On Sunday that Larry is a cross-dresser who ran off with his wife. He says, "He stole my wife from me and he crossed over the boundaries. I'm not saying I'm a saint, but I am telling the truth. Larry Wachowski is living a lie. He has been cross-dressing for years and everybody knows it. But in Hollywood, money talks. And if you are the director of a hit like The Matrix, you can get away with anything. I hope Larry is man enough to hear what I am saying and to come out and admit who - or what - he is. I want people to know the truth. When Larry walked down the red carpet with my wife, he was probably wearing a bra and panties under his suit."

From me to Jake ;-) Get over it..... going straight to the press seems awfully ostentatious

Anyways, ;-) funny where lives little twists and turns take people ;-P


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