Friday, May 23, 2003

In tribute to my friend Svava Svanborg, and the wonderful birthday gift she gave me ;-) (the extended version of LOTR) I´ve decided to take a stroll down the irreverent internet path observing the various forms of LOTR humour on the way. Hope you enjoy : !!

The one page version, or rather the abridged abridged version, The innocent version of their diary and the not so innocent version (classic!!) Now the not so innocent diary from the two towers !! recommended reading

The best, the absolute best, a mangled translation on a pirated copy ;-) Beware, keep all drinks away from person !!!! whilst reading this I was shaking histerically ... And here I thought Icelandic subtitles were bad.... These are just hillarious

Legolas section;
take a bath with Legolas, a flash game. Not for you? then try your hand at making Legolas paper dolls, they come with accessories and clothes for any and every occasion.

P.s. this last one is just for you Bill ;-)
Just click on the picture to see the real sized version, and hence be able to
read the text obviously ;-P Cheers


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