Thursday, May 22, 2003

Now for my weekly irreverence (no degrading comments please ;-)

:-) If you´re looking to get your tounge into a twist then have a browse here, they even have Icelandic tounge twisters, real ones at that !!!

Spiderman will make you Gay ;-)

If you´re really brave then I dare you to go here and see whether Spiderman can make you gay ;-)The song is .. well ... let´s just say it´s well worth the download time ;-)

Next the celebrity lookalike quiz from the very same author that made the famous "he-male" or "she-male" quiz

Buffy swear keyboard

Absolutely the best, hear Buffy swear in a very English accent as you type on the keyboard. Make sure to have your sound turned on. A personal reccommendation would be to hit two or three at the same time ;-) Enjoy :-)


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