Thursday, May 29, 2003

On saturday we will be having a solar eclypse here ;-) Me loves trivial information ;-P So for more information on the eclypse in Icelandic of course, have a browse by the official page of the Universities of Icelands almanak...

Blönduós start;03:08:39 middle;04:04:57 the end;05:02:38
Reykjavík start;(03:08:38) middle;04:04:18 the end;05:01:20

And if dispersing this information freely as if it were of majer importance isn´t enough to make you the most annoying person around ;-) then find some better ways on the page here ;-P truly excellent ideas, some of which I´ve already used and some which I´ll be sure to use at a later date ;-D