Saturday, May 17, 2003

This weekend is shaping up to be a good, albeit a busy one ;-) Tomorrow we´ll be celebrating Ragnars birthday by holding a big birthday party. Admittingly the birthday per se isn´t until the middle of July, but, we are moving away and I want him to be able to have a party with the whole of his class instead of a couple of second or third cousins in July. So we´re shaping up for a loud and energetic afternoon tomorrow :-) My friend Svava will be visiting me as well, we won´t mention that this is the first time she´s visited me since I came to live here three years ago will we ;-P So I´ll be needing a babysitter tomorrow evening so I can introduce her to the marvellous nightlife to be found in Blönduós ;-) Jesting aside it is a most excellent of coffee houses, with nice service and excellent food !!!! So I of course popped over to the liquor store (yes I said that in the singular, there is only the one state run liquor store open only during regular store hours) leaving my sick children at home by themselves ;-) shocked? hey the worst that could have happened for those 10 minutes would have been a sheep nussling up against the balcony door ;-) There at the store they were having a grand fiesta (loosely translated, horse rides, jumping castle and hot dogs ;-) so after feeling extremely obvious in my alchohol buying I went straight home to pick up the kids, hey, admittingly they´re sick, caughing and have a temperature but, a festival like this only happens once a year here .... And they of course loved the horse rides !!
Anyways better get back to tidying up and keeping up the appearences of being a super mom ;-)


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