Friday, May 16, 2003

Turns out my earlyer story of the necessity for Klingon speaking officials was not quite as true as it could have been, the original story was that they were searching for people with the different languages just in case they´d ever be needed...

Philip K. Dick

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

Paranoid and profound, Philip K. Dick's mind-altering, ground-breaking science-fiction novels are influential, infectious and highly attractive to anyone, Hollywood included. Four films at least two of which have been immensely popular have been based on his work. It is also rumored that Stanley Kubrick's/Steven Spielbergs film, A.I., is based on Dick's Martian Time Slip. These films, in turn, have caused a resurge in interest in Dick's work; there is a proliferation of quality trade editions of his formerly near out-of-print work. Dick's jittery paranoid vision appeals to contemporary readers, and his dominant theme of the fragility of "reality" particularly lends itself to filmmaking. hint.. the matrix..? ( the book from which Neo removes the diskette right at the beginning is, I´m pretty sure, written by Philip, Simulacra)

During his 1928-82 life span, Dick was a prolific author, with over forty science-fiction novels, several "mainstream" novels, countless stories, and a personal memoir to his credit. Exploring present, future and other-dimensional worlds, Dick always questioned and attacked the fabric of reality. Whether by drugs, technology, schizophrenia, conspiracies, or random twists of fate, Dick's characters lose their grip on life, and find all they perceive as real to be spurious or immaterial. They descend through layer upon layer of false realities until they reach the very foundation of what MUST be real, and then Dick begins to pick away at that also. I promised you yesterday an insidersview into the religious thought of Philip, and here it is.. just point your mouse to the cartoon and let the journey begin...


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