Tuesday, May 20, 2003

A visual as to what I was up to last weekend ;-)

On Saturday night, after the joys of motherhood versus fifteen crazed youngsters, I decided to show Svava around the intriguing nightlife of Blönduós. An ex student, one whom you can find in my links under the nick Vikka, had with her a digital camera and the rest is visual history ;-) Some are cute and others just plain scary !! Clubbing in Blönduós is very interesting due to the following facts,
1. there is no club, there is but one little, admittedly very cozy, coffee house.
2. most of the people one will meet out are these days ex students of mine, which kind of puts the ethical and moral scenario into play. Not to mention how old it makes ME feel :-/.
My friend Gunnar, an ex student but of course, one who has helped me home at least on one occasion ;-) no comment. Sylvía Rún, a fine student ;-) Tobbi, admittedly not an ex student. Nina, a south
African expatriate. Anna Margrét and Valur looking extremely cute ;-P Björgvin doing what he does best :-)


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