Friday, June 06, 2003

Hi ;-) I'm alive and kicking and currently logged on to a student computer at Strathclyde university in Glasgow....... The great adventure of 2003 has already begun .... Wrote of yesterdays events on the laptop but haven;t been able to transfer it unto here ;-) I'm sorry to dissappoint but for the next month or so my links to funny or weird websites will be fewer than usual if any.... Today I have held an impromptu lecture to a whole school on Iceland, Icelandic customs and geology ;-) Aparts from major knee shakes I did well, as one teacher pointed out, hey... you know english and u like to talk... it's nice though managed to squeese out the compulsory five laughs per lecture without too much exertion so I guess it was a success...... I've just dined in the cafeteria here and am soon to go attend a lecture being given by a mr Steve Bell..... then fancy dinner at a restaurant called the Kama Sutra and back to Edinburgh for the compulsuary beers at our now local pub ;)

Anyone come up with a good caption, please post them on the tag board and the best one gets a PRIZE !!!!!!!


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