Monday, June 02, 2003

Now for a slight insight into the exciting world of Graphology and sex ;-P

Sexually Frustrated
Some people are not totally satisfied on that physical level right now. If you see a lower loop in the g and y that is incomplete, know that the sex life is also incomplete. Look for the letters y or g shaped like the ones on the right.

Big Sex Drive
This is the trait that everyone loves to talk about! The bigger the loop in someone's lower zone letters, the bigger the sexual imagination. That imagination includes energy, trust, experimentation, and even new positions. Face it, someone that imagines very well will get bored with the same old thing. So, if your lover has a big y-loop, be experimental. Remember, this loop is also exaggeration. Therefore, that person will also tend to embellish and exaggerate everything in all areas of life. They make great story tellers and are definitely the best lovers! For a big sex drive look for a long and wide lower loop in the y or g like the ones on the left. Source


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