Tuesday, June 10, 2003

o.k.on the sixth I went to Glasgow to visit schools there, great lecture by Steve Bellinthe afternoon.....Then dinner in a fancy restaurant inappropriately named the kama sutra ... funny food and loadsof drinking... returned back to the hotel... had a couple of drinks there then me and three others headed out again ;-) and that;s where the fun begins.... we went to the local pub on the corner... and there I experienced my first ever Scottish "lock in" ,i.e. the till was put away, drinks were on the house (at least for me they were ;-) and there we stayed partying until the wee hours of the morning.... nice bartender ;-) ... no more said ...Unfortunately a more sinister turn of events had already started evolving at the hotel .... My friend Sigr'un had to go off tohospital due to a severe allergic reaction :-( ... In the morning.... all right ;-P at one a' clockI wentout for a walk...came close to having a heart attack when a large van started honking away..my head was floaty enough as it was... untilI recognized the couple inside as being a coupleI had met at the party the night before ... nice..small town feeling, yet with the sense of freedom.... Decided to call Callum up... And what happened next,stay tuned to find out allin the next episodeof Gunnella blundering babbling wanderings...only here on Langavitleysa..
Next chapter.. my interesting night at the emergency ward of the new royal infirmary


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