Saturday, August 23, 2003

Afterthought ,,

Funny in the intresting funny way.. I´ve had a couple of beers (surprice surprice ;-=) and I stiffened completely as the earthquake hit the house, and lifted and tilted my head as if listening and waiting...... I wonder if that´s a universal human reaction... Any thoughts?

Would you just look at that, all those earthquakes... fantasy or rather overactive imagination gaining gear here ;-)

Isn´t it amazing as well that I should have this precise information at my fingertips just minutes after the quake itself.....

News on the icelandic web...
Innlent | 23.8.2003 | 02:10
Snarpur jar?skj?lfti fannst ? su?vesturhorninu
Snarpur jar?skj?lfti fannst ? su?vesturhorni landsins um klukkan tv? ? n?tt. Uppl?singar um uppt?k og st?r? skj?lftans liggja ekki fyrir en f?lk er be?i? um a? s?na stillingu og kynna sér vi?br?g? vi? jar?sk?lftum.


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