Tuesday, August 26, 2003

As you can see by the ongoing theme changes I´m getting closer to getting into gear again :-) Ragnar started school today.. feels strange how big he´s become !! As I started getting nervous on his behalf he took my hand, looked into my eyes and said; "Don´t worry I think you are perfect" .. o.k. so I´m sappy but according to me life doesn´t get much better than that :-D He´s now going to a much larger school with three second year classes each with twenty odd kids in them.. a slight change from his ten kid class up north ;-) All in all everything is shaping up perfectly, Elena got into a very good playschool just up the road. Ragnar is going to school five minutes walking distance from the flat. The flat is admittedly still a dump but getting better by the day, hey we can now officially flush the loo !!!! :-D And next week I´ll be starting school. It was brought to my attention earlyer today how long I harboured my japanophile tendencies. As a kid I loved all things Japanese even though very few around knew anything about it, I actually took written notes when watching Richard Chamberlains Shogun !!! I chose my high school on the grounds that they supposedly taught japanese every few years, of course they didn´t teach it for the duration of my stay there :-/ And then f course there is the whole exchange student thing :-)

So anyway, I´m going to university to study Japanese and I love it !!! Now all I need to do is to get the darned Ba thesis out of my way !! :-( Have had that clinging to my legs, weighing me down for over 5 years now, o.k. so I´ve had a couple of kids and worked a hell of a lot in the meantime, but now is definitevly the time to get it over and done with !!!

p.s. press the flower ;-P


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