Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hér sit ég og blogga ?egar ég ? a? vera a? l?ra ... ?ps wrong language ... here I sit blogging away when I should be writing that darned Ba thesis :-/ Top of the new caught my eye today, apparently Iceland holds the world record in marble playing ... have I lost my marbles or are just everyone else playing with theirs..? I can relate to nanna (sorry folks in Icelandic) when she says ..

Einhvern t?ma ? s?lr?kum vordegi fyrir ??nokkrum ?rum heyr?i ég vi?tal ? ?tvarpi vi? ungan mann (g?ti hafa ver?i Mar?us S?lva e?a P?ll ?skar) sem var a? segja fr? ?v? a? ?egar hann vakna?i um morguninn ?tta?i hann sig allt ? einu ? ?v? a? n?kv?mlega eina erindi? sem hann ?tti ? f?tur ?ennan daginn var a? fara a? s?kja n?ju s?maskr?na. ?? var honum n?g bo?i?, hann f?r og keypti sér farse?il til Kaupmannahafnar og var ? lei? ?anga? daginn eftir.

Einmitt svona lei? mér ? morgun. ?g ?arf a? v?su ekki a? s?kja s?maskr?na, ?au m?l eru ? lagi eftir a? efnafr??ist?dentinn var sviptur s?maskr?rs?kisemb?tti s?nu vegna vanr?kslu, en ?a? eina sem ég hef ? dagskr?nni ? dag er a? fara me? eitt bréf ? p?st.

Came accross an article I really liked, although I don´t neccessarily agree with him a hundred percent, espescially since the "kawaii" phenomena in Japan far outdates the reference he´s making but all in all a good and insightful point... He he says I sitting here wearing my pokemon socks, my notes waiting in my black tweety bag and neon yellow colours all around me ;-) I did the growing up thing, been there, done that, didn´t work out so now I´m just enjoying being who I am.. and sorry guys.. it´s time to accept the facts.. I´m a responsible version of a kid.....I´m much better at playing or studying with my kids than I ever am cooking or cleaning for them.... sorry it´s a read the article first kinda thing ;-)
Anyways blogging has made me a bit more upbeat (egomaniac that I am, just talking about myself for a few minutes makes me feel better ;-) so September eleventh jokes thesis here I comeeeee...


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