Monday, September 29, 2003

Free Sex

No not really..sorry. Just didn´t have a clue as to how to start this blog off and you have to admit this one´s an attention grabber.

People are strange!! I don´t know if you´ve noticed it before but they are. Most people are nice enough one on one but as a whole living in a mixed community everything seems to get skeewed, one doesn´t know what is good or bad, what is appropriate concern and what is noseyness..As you´ve probably already guessed there´s a reason for this here rant. On Tursday one of the workers who have been busy digging up the whole neighbourhood for the past three months, knocked on my door and I got asked for the third time whether I knew anything about the lady in the house adjacent to mine. I answered truthfully and denied even having seen her for the past month or so. He claimed they were there all day everyday and had never seen anyone entering or leaveing the house, and that the thirty odd cats in there seemed awfully restless. I started pondering, remembering that I´d been swearing unusally ofrten at the cats around the house for their loudness and noticing the thick moistness on the inside of the windows, of the “someone has just taken a steaming hot two hour shower” kind.. All in all not good signs in my opinion.. After knocking on the door and peeking through the mail slit trying to check for piled up mail to no avail, I decided to call the police and literally asked them if they thought there were any grounds for my concern. They thought everything highly odd, half an hour later they arrived having failed to reach her on the phone nor having found any close relatives (remember Icelands tiny population) to checkon her. Well to cut a long story short (too late I realise) they phoned me the following evening to tell me all was well. O.k .. then she pounds upon my door absolutely furious at me, for having had the police break into her apartment giving her the shock of her life apparently and totally ruining her sleep. I felt terrible, there I had gone and invaded this persons privacy to the point of someone having actually phisically invaded her house... I felt the worst kind of nosy person alive.... Or at least something akin to whats his name in the Simpsons, the guy who means so well but .. yeah well you get the picture.

Then yesterday a friends car ran out of petrol/gas in the middle of a very busy three lane main road. Me and Ragnar (my son) got out of the car and waited by the curb whilst my friend ran for petrol. For the fifteen odd minutes we stood there three people stopped their car and offered assistance, I was so appreciative and grateful. Had I been there by myself with Ragnar I would have so appreciated this. Only one silly sod drove past at high speed honking loudly after having nearly run into the car ;-)

I like the odds, it made me feel better knowing the people care for their fellow beings.

I´m overly sensitive to high pitched sounds and the other day a fire alarm somewhere was really irritating me, I ended up going out and finding the house from whence the sound derived. Knowing that in all likelyhood it was just a breakfast gone bad I still felt I had to knock and see if someone was home. Of course the man was home but he thanked me for the thought. I sincerely hope that if my fire alarm goes off and I´m not home or Ragnar is perhaps by himself, that someone will knock on my door !!!
I realise I´m a Chicken soup nidiot but still.... Care and cosideration, politeness and looking out for children and old people is so easy.... O.k. enough of the preaching.. I´m gonna skip the whole quoting the Bible, Koran, Buddah or any other scriptures.. otherwise you´d never read my blog again.. I´m a sap I know


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