Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Hey.. no dishing ;-) !! I´m allowed to get sappy and mum like occasionally.... you know.. this level of cool is hard to maintain constantly... loud chorus of sniggers and chuckles ;-) ....Well I´m off to school in a mom. School life is really agreeing with me.. the level of mess at home has even increased ..

It´s just so great to be back at school studying what I´ve always wanted to study...

insert various bumbled thoughts on having been in a kind of a stasis, not bad, just stuck .. and now a feeling of onward forward motion.... a sense of renewed self .. enjoying being there for the kids ... as well as being just me ....a big "ego" centric "I" feeling .. mumble jumble bumble ....

There is a good group morale, loads of really intresting people ...... and even though it´s the first year that Japanese is taught at university level here in Iceland we´re already the second largest language department! Go us !! ;-)

On thursday there´ll be a beer night at felix (sportkaffi) with the compulsuory japanese music ;-) so those of you interested and in Iceland by all means walk beer ;-P


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