Saturday, September 27, 2003

I like heart warmers..I´m a sucker I know..But I feel this kind of news shouldn´t really be news as such. It should be the norm rather than the exception !
;-) o.k. lecture of the day over..just read the story

Train passenger hands in jewels worth £400,000

An elderly woman who left £400,000 worth of jewellery on a German train was lucky to get them back after a passenger handed them to the conductor.

The pensioner realised her mistake when she got off the train at Mainz, but could only watch as the service rolled out of the station towards Cologne.

Her cries of anguish drew the attention of the platform master, and radio operators were eventually able to contact staff on-board the service.

But an honest passenger had already handed the valuables to a conductor, who returned them to security officers at Cologne station.

The owner jumped on the next train to Cologne and got back her heirlooms, which she had been taking to her son for safekeeping - because of her absent-mindedness.

via ananova


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