Wednesday, September 17, 2003

On God, spiders and treeclimbing in Iceland

I´ve just been to the first parent teacher meeting at Ragnars school. The teacher told us a rather intresting story ;-)

The class had been outside searching for bugs for their bugs project when the bell rang and everyone ran inside for lunch. Once inside the teacher noticed that she had miscounted the kids and one was missing. By this time I was getting a funny familiar feeling inside

so out she went to search for him, and after repeated searches and asking the other students she finally found him sitting in a tree.

When asked why he hadn´t come inside when the other kids went inside he said he´d wanted to find a spider and had hence climbed all the trees to no avail. So resigning himself to his unsuccessful venture he decided to have a nice talk with God

my son is so perfectly great

impossible to tell off a kid thats sitting in a tree talking with God..


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