Saturday, September 13, 2003

Smile smile, nod nod, wave wave, smile some more, bask bask :-)

it would seem fame has at long last recognized me.....

curt turn off of violin music scratching of record silence.......

or so I thought.. :-(

In the last 24 hours nearly two thousand people have visited my humble blog... And here I thought it was due to my immesuarble charm, wittyness and gorgeous beauty...when it turns out they all went to look at this old blog of mine :-/ ??

To save you the hassle of actually going to have a look, it contained this pice of trivial news about Demi and Ashton outwitting Letterman by turning the questions on him....

imageDemi Moore and 25-year-old toyboy Ashton Kutcher turned the tables on David Letterman in America on Monday night when he started asking too many questions about their romance. The 40-year-old actress squirmed awkwardly in her seat on The Late Show as Letterman poked around for personal details about Hollywood's hot new couple. Letterman joked, "He's like 18 or something. He's the luckiest man alive." But Demi fired back - with a little help from a text message from her boyfriend - which Kutcher sent her while she was on the show. She said, "He has a message for you too - 'Tell him I wanted to say, Dude, where's your girlfriend?' I mean, how do you keep it all so secret. You have the same girlfriend. How do you do it?" Suddenly it was reclusive Letterman's turn to feel uncomfortable in being asked about his romance with Regina Lasko. He mumbled, "Nobody cares. Why would Ashton Kutcher care? I feel like I've been Punk'd."

Anyone care to enlighten me????


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