Sunday, September 07, 2003

Why do I read everything as if it relates to my thesis which I´m by the way supposed to hand in on Monday a week from today.. and have had hanging over me for the past four years :-(

Your Weekly Horoscope for Sept 08 to 14

This is rather an intense week for a number of reasons. Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are continuing their journey through Virgo, so your work is likely to be emphasized once again. It seems you have plenty of ideas, but due to the fact that Mercury continues to be retrograde, you may find yourself working on projects that cover old ground, or that require you to dig deep into your resources to deliver the goods. Venus conjuncts Mercury, which might encourage you to work on compromising in a difficult situation. Later in the week, Mercury squares Pluto, which may mean that if you don't get it right at the start, you may end up not speaking by the end - unless you are prepared to jump into the deep end. The Sun also squares Pluto, so look out for an intense situation where feelings are likely to be running high. Once you get involved, it may be hard to extricate yourself from the drama. Part of this situation may be related to an ongoing relationship, in which the road has become slightly rocky. Be gentle with yourself and your lover. A Full Moon in Pisces brings you plenty of dreams and inspiration - just don't get too carried away.


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