Sunday, October 26, 2003

Art is such an intresting term...... what do you think ??? ;-) (warning it´s nnnaughty .. ;Þ )

Have you already picked out your halloween costume?? I haven´t .. or are you mayhaps too old/mature for such foolishness ;-P well quite a few here caught my eye.. Chaci...the biker guy from Village people...rubricks cube or .... Jaws ;-) Just what you always wanted to dress up as..

Those of you who know me in person will grin over this one ;-) Apparently Snapple is set to release a new "applepie flavored drink soon :-P
Pathetic as it sounds ;-) yup that´s me for ya... I can actually smell the cinnamony apple pie aroma right now, and my thoughts are drawn to the lovely apple pie Icecrem I had at the Italian village in wales (The prisoner anyone) last summer :-D

Pictures of homes from the seventies :-) I just Love the carpet... ! But the bathroom??? imagine walking in there in the middle of the night...!


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