Sunday, October 05, 2003

Got "memed" (is that the appropriate term) a while back :-/ and am finally now posting the answers ;-) enjoy ;Þ

Ok here's some questions for my favorite Icelandic hottie ;-)

1)Describe in detail what an absolutely perfect day would be like in your life.

Waking up to my kids snuggling up to me having sneaked into my bed, the sun shining outside and my lover bringing in freshly baked goods from the bakery.

2)What do you love the most about Iceland? What do you hate or dislike the most? If you had to leave, where would you like to move to?

I love the summers ! The bright nights when returning home from a night out, one feels full of energy and sleeps seems a waste of time.The bright summer days and the freedom that comes with living in a sparsely populated country, just a busride and I´m walking by myself in a mossy lava field. Winter stills, when you have one of those rare days when there is no wind nor rain, just the stars and the northern lights above you being reflected in the cristal white snow… the crunchy sound of you footsteps echoing in the frost.
I dislike the winters :-/ the constant darkness, getting to school and it´s dark, leaving school and it´s dark… Admittingly those are great times if one has somone to snuggle up to ;-) and doesn´t have to leave the house too much.

3)How, when and why did you start blogging? And what does 'Langavitleysa' mean? :-)

I started blogging in january, I´d literally never heard of this form before then but after observing two bloggers getting to know each other and eventually getting together I decided to have a go at it, I however promiced myself that matters of the heart I´d leave out seeing as I sincerely doubt the couple in question knew just how obvious and blatant they were being…:-D
Langavitleysa, comes from the old Icelandic folktales (remember folklorist!) but merely means a long sillyness....

4)My two biggest phobias are spiders and large teeming crowds of people. What are your 2 biggest phobias and how do you deal with them?

My two biggest phobias are overcrowded shopping malls (slight claustrophobia) and my feet. Sound weird ;-) ? Well, when swimming in the sea I prefer to wear flipflops or something, the thought of not seeing what is brushing against my feet and then those spiky fish !! ewww.. Can you imagine how hard it was for me to plant rice inJapan.. Bare foot stepping into the slimy mud, feeling something brush against my leg, feeling something more solid underfeet. Having just taken biology 101 where one learnt all about worms and things that can hatch and wriggle inside of you ..

5)What is the story of your interest in Japanese things? Have you ever been to Japan or do you think you were a samurai in a past life? And what do you think is the absolute most amazing thing about Japan

Well… I´ve always been a Japanophile.. weird in retrospect seeing as back 20-25 years ago Japan was not obvious here in Iceland  Once I went to the city library and had the whole place upside down because noone could believe there were no books on japan there…finally theu found me one …… on origami .. I loved the ninja movies and when the tv show Shogun (Richard Chamberlain) was shown, I literally took notes .I went to Japan as an exchange student some thirteen years ago.Regarding the previous life thing, seeing as you brought it up.. Just before I left a friend was reading my pastlife with cards. She was unaware that I was leaving for Japan! The gist of the reading was that the life that most influenced me at that time was hen I had been a zen buddhist monk in Japan….sounds far fetched but felt right ;-)

We were the first Icelandic students to go there from Iceland and the system was not yet fully functional. I Lived in a small town up north called Honjo and went to a lowclass agricultural school in a nearby village. It was an amazing experience, not easily condenced into a short text.So for the extremely condenced versioun .. My family is great and I´ve visited them since, I was at a sex segregated school, I wore a school uniform ;-P, I was chief of police for a day, I learnt some japanese, I sewed myself a yukata, I competed in Kyudo, I was on tv thrice and many times in the newspapers, The police complained to my parents for my behaviour (bicycling too fast, being outside at nine..;-P

The most amazing thing about Japan are the sharp contrasts and how well they function together. I also miss dango


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