Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Here´s a piece of news my friend Beta won´t like although I´m not overly displeaed at the prospect of another whole film of Ben Affleck prancing about in tight red leather ;-)

Daredevil 2
Fox and Marvel are reportedly bringing Ben Affleck and director Mark Steven Johnson back for another installment of Daredevil. There hasn't been a whole lot of buzz around the project but it is on our radar screen. Filmmaker and comic book author Kevin Smith told Wizard magazine, "Both Ben and Mark have asked me about writing the next one. I don't know. It'd be one thing if I only had to please Ben and Mark, but you have to deal with Marvel, Regency and Fox. I'd rather just kick back and watch somebody else try to make sense of my stuff." The second film is rumored to be based on Smith's own Daredevil comic arc.


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