Tuesday, October 07, 2003

My week in focus....

Surfaces deal with outward appearances. Like icebergs, there's always more to explore. We always have more to express. While you need personal space, you also need to set aside time to spend with your significant other, GUNNELLA. You need to express the passion a Scorpio Venus will stir. You need to talk together, courtesy of a Libra Mercury. Both efforts are rewarding. If single, you sincerely seek a soul mate, or someone attuned to you. Not only that, it's about their being genuine. Enough superficial people already! That's not to say there won't be a "strictly physical" attraction, but you won't be completely happy until you find more in a new relationship. You are quite popular, professionally. Your company wants to see your face, [and the rest of your body] personally toiling away. Or, they want to see results of your efforts. That leaves you little time for the others in your life who also demand quality time. And then, there is "You". You could get tense, unless you put "I" up in your priority scale. Financially, the vibrations are right to alter buying habits. It may take self-control, especially when others try to tempt you during shopping trips, but you can do it.


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