Saturday, October 04, 2003

Oh Bloom Oh Bloom... but a penny for your bloomin....

o.k. ;-P Mayhaps I´d better leave the poetry to the professionals ;-)

See my lovely silky shirt,
With cuffs a meter wide!
And notice how my socks reflect
The pillow by my side!
My legs are crossed to emphasize
The shortness of my slacks!
My mouth's agape to catch the flies
My fashion sense attracts!
Oh yes, I seem to dress as though
I'm loaded up on Scotch,
When all that's normal on me
Is my basic brown wristwatch...
But while it's true I'm often
The most offbeat in the room,
What else can you expect from one
Whose name's "Orlando Bloom"?

But there again.. :-/ I find nothing at all wrong with his attire.. he´s neat, smart, and he´s got a nice shirt on.. hummm...and I have a pair of socks just like his...makes one ponder, wonder and ........ and whatever else it is one is supposed to do..

by Judy Gerber


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