Friday, October 31, 2003

Today is mid term in the elementary schools here in Reykjavík.... So Ragnar, my seven year old, came to school with me ;-)

It´s actually not the first time he attends a university lesson. The first time he was only a couple of months old and my professor, Jón Hnefill Aðalsteinsson, a lovely professor fast approaching his emeritus status of the archetypal old school quality, insisted that I bring him with me rather than to miss the lesson..

The funny thing that Ragnar didn´t disrupt the lesson per se, he was as happy and jolly as ever ;-) But as soon as we came in Jón took over the baby, waved an absent minded hand at us and told us to write something on the sunworshipping theory and duly began to play with Ragnar :-D I was really lucky to experience those lessons with Jón Hnefill. A scholar of the old school he knew everything of by heart, was never ever in a hurry (too much so actually) and by smiling and playing up his age, can make any student take on any number of responsibilities for him ;-P

Anyways, Ragnar was exemplary today, read, played with his pokemon cards and his bionicle man and generally just charmed everyone with his politeness and patience... Ok so Iam a proud mum, I´m allowed to brag ;-)

What a life I´m subjecting my kids to.....Ragnar was first thrown out of a pub at age 6 months, in Britain ;-) Elena brags about having been to Japan whilst still in my tummy, ..

It just always amazes me how well they seem to be turning out in spite of me ;-) Self reliant, sel assured happy singing little individuals...


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