Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Yikes.. :-( after my car rant I actually got ever so slightly sidetracked browsing through car sale web sites...calculating just exactly I can not afford any of them and wondering what´s wrong with the ones that I can ;-p´s now four a clock, school tomorrow as well as nervousness seeing as Bjarni is picking the kids up for a day...Yup that´s right folks .. the third time this autumn, once he took them for the sheep herding weekend, then for four hours to show to them to his newest fling and now he´s planning to take them for 24 hours..... Amazing !!!

Note; All sarcasm is fully intentional !!

By the way.. I´m cool.... and heres the proof ;-)

One word: COOL - You rock. Listening to all music is cool, and that's what makes you cool (with a few other factors).

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(by the way how un-cool is that ;-)

You belong to the classical period, about 1700-1800. This is the age of reason, a time of the enlightenment and scientific revolution. This period is a mixture of old and new, just like yourself. You question the world around you and its functions. You are inquisitve, intelligent, and well-rounded. You are well-cultured and can be reserved.

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