Friday, October 10, 2003

Ymmy yummy loads fun here right now... Just sitting back waiting for scarlet fever to hit me and Ragnar.. right you guessed it ;-) Elena has the fever :-/ had a long night last night and will probably have a long night again tonight.

She´s a right little trooper (hope I got the quote right ;-) though, awake there are nearly no complaints and she has taken the (horribly disgusting) medicine without any complaints!! So that merely leaves the nights and that I can cope with :-)

It´s so strange seeing her sick, normally she´s so full of energy and willpower (yes shés stubborn as hell ;-) yet now she´s all docile and tired... :-/ Just wants to hold on tight in her sleep...

Me being the awful mum that I am must admit to a very selfish thought last night .. :-( As she lay beside me, arms encircling my face breathing directly into my face I thought.."shoot there goes my trip to Edinburgh next week ;-)" Why do they fo that anyway? They both do this when they are feeling sick or down and I can´t for the life of me imagine why... Breathing in all my foul carbon monoxide (or whatever never was good at chemistry/bilogy) must be as uncomfortable for them as it is for me...?

Anyways, so here´s my rant for the night ;-) For those of you who also love Buffy/spike have you checked out Slayerverse? Loads of fun downloads !!

And guys... If you´re having problems with apparent "risings" ;-P then here are specifically designed jeans for you.. Aptly called Viagra pants from Levi Strauss....


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