Wednesday, November 26, 2003

As winter is now properly upon us and it is good to see that the Icelandic police are ever vigilant and prepaired to take on any tasks needed ;-) Snowmen are popping up wherever and last I heard Ragnar had something to do with the largest snowman built on Austurbæjarskóli school grounds ;-)

Talking about him (I know, I know, over proud mum syndrom, wait it gets worse!) Last night there was a class evening and Ragnar insisted, much to my surprice that both me and Elena come along as well. I wasn´t overly thrilled to say the least, had planned a nice quiet evening with Elena and foresaw a load of screaming kids playing whilst I tried to keep up polite (and infinitely boring) conversation with other equally tired parents. But alas no, as soon as we got there we were ushered into the auditorium and told that all the kids would now stand up on the stage and read for us...

HORROOR GASP me and the mum next to me felt awful knowing our sons can´t read for the life of them... But of course they turned out to be great! :-D
Ragnar read a (very) short story written by himself and he did it with such pinache! Instead of mumbling and staring at the floor he´d obviously learnt it off by heart, he looked out into the audience, smiled and recited the story loud and clear! And at the end everone laughed at the funny ending!! I was SOOOO proud! Not a hint of shyness, not a hint of any worries, just him being there proudly enjoying himself!
The other kid :-) was also amazing, instead of reading he sang a very intricate and difficult song perfectly :-)

It is intresting to note that the kids that have problems, or rather aren´t exactly on that irritating line called the norm, always seem to make up for it with other talents. Sindri, the other boy, had stage presence, held his microphone and danced and Ragnar, by far, had the best theatrical talent... Neither of them stage-shy at all !


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