Friday, November 14, 2003

Heyja guys, sorry been kinda occupied doing...well.. doing nothing lately ;-) But now, at long long awaited last it seems fame and fortune has finally knocked on my door..

Today I am "on the cover of the rolling st..." (humming yet?) well not quite, page six of The main Icelandic newspaper...hey it´s got a big pic!!! Me in Japanese garb looking as if I were the main event of the international day hosted at the University of Iceland... (so extremely far from it!!)

On name giving exercises, again, came accross this article in Aftonbladet via Thordis
What´s up with people naming their children Timberland, Espn and Denim??? Picture this twenty years from now,
"Hello, my name is IKEA I´d like to apply for an internship at your solicitors office..." ????? No? How about Canon, Xerox, Chanel or Camry?? All true names....
The parents have to see the wrongness in this !

The problem is that I have very conflicting emotions regarding this.. When I wanted to name my son Ragnar Raymond or Raymond Ragnar I was denied by the Icelandic board of names due to Raymond not being of Icelandic origin. I was given (or rather allowed to buy) a complete list of all names one is allowed to name ones child. Browsing through it thouroghly irritated I came up with intresting concoctions like "Loðmundur Lútur Ljótur", which would be allowed due to being age old Icelandic names from the sagas. The minor fact that it has a meaning akin to " hairyguy base ugly" was ignored... In the end I rebelled a little, chose two foreign names that were "allowed" and we had him Christened "Ragnar Thor Christian" which, when the English names are pronounced correctly sounds nice, to me at least.. but alas tends to become very hard when pronounced by Icelanders :-( So normally I skip the Thor and call him Ragnar Christian... :-D

Final words via Sugarmama;
The 2000 social security records reveal that 24 children were named Unique. Curses! Foiled again! I bet if you named your child "Idiot" or "Retard", then that would TRULY be unique

p.s. if you doubt the name committee part check this out, verdicts on various names people have applied for for their children, for clarification Hafnað means denied.


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